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Thermage is the non-surgical treatment alternative for a tighter tummy. Thermage works by tightening collagen deep in your skin and stimulating new collagen growth. The end result of a Thermage treatment is to tighten and contour tummy skin for a naturally younger-looking appearance. Thermage treatments on the tummy area can take an average of one to two hours. While collagen tightening can be expected in every case, the level of improvement varies for each Thermage Toronto patient. In general, some improvement is immediately felt and seen by most patients. Longer term improvements by Thermage tummy treatments are:

  • Tighter skin with improved tone
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Flatter and softer stretch marks
  • Reduced sagging and a tighter tummy

Following the Thermage procedure, some patients report a measurably smaller waist and even looser fitting clothing. After the Thermage treatment, many patients see noticeable improvement in deep wrinkles and tighter skin over all. The Thermage tummy treatment can also improve stretch marks by making them smoother and less noticeable as the skin tightens. Thermage tummy treatments can reduce mild to moderate skin laxity that can form in the tummy area as a result of pregnancy or moderate weight loss. In addition, patients can expect a firmer and younger looking belly button as the effects of Thermage continue over time.

How Does Thermage Tummy Treatment Work?
A single Thermage tummy treatment will be performed in the office after you have been assessed by Dr. Gidon. Thermage gently delivers radiofrequency energy to the skin through a hand piece with a smooth flat tip. The radiofrequency energy safely heats up the deeper layers of the skin to tighten existing collagen as well as promote new collagen growth over time. This reactivation of existing collagen in combination with new collagen growth will result in smoother, tighter, and younger looking skin.

The Thermage Procedure
You will feel a deep, short, heating sensation, indicating that collagen is reaching needed temperatures to cause tightening and growth. A cooling spray is delivered before and after each application of Thermage energy in order to protect the surface of your skin. Dr. Gidon's experience with Thermage treatment will ensure that Thermage will deliver the optimum amount of energy to cause tightening while ensuring your comfort.

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