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Testimonials from Toronto Thermage Patients

When I turned 40, I noticed that my facial skin began to droop and I was starting to develop jowls. At 44, everything was becoming worse. I did not feel ready for a face lift and I had heard about Thermage. When I spoke to Dr. Gidon, she said that I was a good candidate for Thermage because I only needed some tightening of my jaw line and cheeks. I noticed some tightening immediately, but it took about 5 months to really see a difference. My jowls are gone and my skin looks tighter and firmer. I would recommend Thermage for anyone who wants tighter, younger-looking skin.
- DW, 45 year old female

I had a facelift when I was 53 and was very pleased with the results. After 10 years, the skin on my lower cheeks and neck began to sag. I did not want to have another face lift and decided to have Thermage treatment. There was no downtime and no one knew that I had done a treatment, but over the next 4 months my skin gradually tightened and looked firmer again. I am very pleased with the result and it should last about 2 years. I will definitely have another treatment then.
- JC, 63 year old female

My eyelids were droopy and I had some improvement with Botox injections, but my lids were crepey. I did not want to have surgery so I looked into Thermage. I had my forehead and eyelids treated and now my lids are smoother and I can use eye make-up without having it smear. I will continue to have Botox treatments to keep up the result from Thermage. I am very pleased with my Thermage treatment and would highly recommend it.
-AC, 48 year old female

A youthful appearance is very important in my workplace. I wanted to look younger but I didnít want anyone to know that I was having any treatments, so a facelift was out of the question. My wife found out about Thermage from Dr. Gidon and I went ahead with a full face treatment. I also had some Botox and filler. My skin is tighter and smoother and I look younger and happier. I am thrilled with the results.- AY, 62 year old male

I had a few stretch marks after having 3 children but what really bothered me was the loose, wrinkly skin on my tummy. It wasnít that bad, but I was very self-conscious about it. I decided to have Thermage treatment and was very pleased with the result. It took about 6 months to see the full result, but it definitely made a difference.
- AG, 37 year old female

My wrinkled hands made me look older than I felt and gave away my age. I had had Thermage done on my face and was very happy with the result so I decided to try Thermage for my hands. It improved the wrinkles and texture and I am no longer ashamed of my hands.
- RB, 54 year old female

My thighs were lumpy and I had dimpling that looked like cottage cheese. I did not want to have surgery, so I started with some Ultra Shape treatments to reduce the fat deposits and then I had Thermage on my thighs for the cellulite. Now my thighs look smoother and the skin is tighter.
- AR, 45 year old female

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