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Thermage for the Treatment of Lips

With the way our environment and some lifestyle choices, such as smoking, do damage to our lips, it is truly amazing that we are able to rejuvenate our lips with the help of collagen enhancement procedures. And no procedure does it better than a Thermage treatment for improving facial texture and overall healthy skin tone. With a single Thermage procedure Toronto Thermage specialist Dr. Gidon can give you the healthy and plump lips that you once had.

The Thermage procedure is quick and effective for rejuvenation of lips. Areas around the lips can be hard to treat, and some treatments can be painful and repetitive. The Thermage procedure is a one-time, virtually painless procedure that produces the best results.

The Thermage procedure delivers the most comprehensive treatment for lip rejuvenation and enhancement through building new collagen and reinforcing the existing collagen. By stimulating the natural Collagen under the skin, the supporting cells are given a boost and alter the way they are patterned under our skin. The end result is an instant volume lift followed by a continuous improvement that occurs for months following your Thermage treatment.

The stimulating Thermage procedure delivers heat to the deepest layers of epidermal support. The activity creates an environment for the natural collagen to be reshaped in a more supportive manner. Filling small wrinkles dramatically reduces the aging effects of time and harsh conditions. Beauty and health go hand in hand, and the Thermage lip treatment can remove smile lines around the lips, alleviate the so called smokers lines, and restore volume all in a single treatment.

Toronto Thermage treatment can happen in less than one hour! In the time it takes to have lunch at work, your face can have a new look and feel. Using the Thermage treatment tip, and under the direct supervision of Dr. Gidon a Thermage technician will apply the proper stimulation to the supporting collagen. While the skin feels a cooling spray, the underlying skin gets a deep heated treatment to energize the collagen into a more smooth appearance and desirable shape.

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