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Thermage Facial Rrejuvenation

Thermage is an efficient, non-surgical treatment to tighten facial skin. This radiofrequency device delivers heat deeply into the dermis as well as to the fibrous bands that surround fat. With aging and gravity, the fat once located in the upper cheeks disappears and collagen stretches, causing loosening, sagging and loss of firmness of the facial skin. Thermage tightens existing collagen immediately, but Thermage also stimulates the production of new collagen for at least six months after treatment. The Thermage tightening effect can be seen along the jaw line, neck, cheeks, forehead, and eyelids. This gradual improvement is perfect for people who do not want anyone to know that they have had any procedures done. They appear fresher and younger without any surgery or scars.

Thermage is designed to address sagging skin that has lost firmness by rejuvenating the face through stimulation of existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth thus literally reversing the effects of aging!

Other treatments such as some lasers, peels and creams will improve the appearance of the skin but will not change the contour of the face because they do not treat underlying structures and cannot tighten the skin as Thermage does. Thermage is a one-time procedure that will set in motion the creation of new collagen. Effects of Thermage are immediately noticeable but your facial contour will continue to improve for up to six months or longer after the treatment. Thermage is the only non-surgical treatment modality that will tighten facial contours.

Dr. Gidon has helped numerous Toronto Thermage patients to gain a more youthful and natural facial contour.

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