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Thermage Eye Treatment in Toronto

If you are seeking a procedure to smooth and tighten your skin and decrease wrinkles in the eye area without surgery, injections or downtime, Thermage is for you.

Thermage Eye Treatment Outcome
The expected outcome after your Thermage eye treatment is tighter and smoother skin around the eye area with a more lifted and brighter look around the eyes. Most patients note their eyes do not appear as tired and under-eye bags are improved following the Thermage eye procedure. Thermage eye treatment can also make you look more alert by lifting the skin around the eye area. Eye makeup goes on more easily as a result of reduction in lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Toronto Thermage patients can expect improved skin tone and texture around the eyes while contouring skin for an overall firmer appearance. Results of the Thermage treatment are subtle yet noticeable and will continue to improve over time as additional collagen is produced.

Thermage Eye Treatment Is Safe and Effective
A clinical study conducted on patients who were treated by Thermage (their results were followed for six months) reported overall procedural satisfaction and patients experienced smoother skin tone and easier make-up application. The trials also showed that the Toronto Thermage procedure is safe and side effects are minimal. Most patients reported minimal discomfort during the procedure. The Thermage study showed the following results over time (4 to 6 months)

  • Thermage eye treatment produced tauter contours around eyes
  • Thermage eye procedure reduced under-eye bags
  • Thermage eye procedure resulted in generally tighter, smoother skin

How Thermage Eye Treatment Works
It is a medical fact that skin collagen - the substance responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and youth - breaks down with time. In a single treatment Thermage is able to stimulate and tighten existing collagen as well as affect new collagen growth! Thermage procedure does so by stimulating skin collagen through heat energy delivered deeply within the skin. The effect of Thermage eye treatment is an overall tighter, younger looking skin around the eyes. The Eyes by Thermage procedure only takes about one hour. Since there is no bruising, swelling or sutures, you can apply make-up and return to your normal routine after the procedure. Bottom line results are:

  • Tighter, smoother skin all around the eye area
  • Skin is smoother and younger looking with reduced crepiness
  • Reduced eyelid hooding
  • The brow area is tightened to reveal more eyelid for brighter, more
    refreshed eyes
  • Tauter contours around the eye
  • Reduced under-eye bags
  • Softened fine lines and crow's feet
  • Thermage delivers excellent results other treatments can't offer

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