January 2008 eNewsletter

A Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Gidon 
The advantages of a consultation with a Cosmetic Dermatologist include a thorough examination of the skin with complexion analysis, and an objective assessment of the skin, as well as education and guidance through the confusing list of available treatments. Dr. Gidon organizes an individualized treatment program, including the most beneficial treatments, the sequence of treatments and complementary procedures, the best home care products to use and a maintenance program to give long-lasting results.

Patients are helped to develop realistic expectations and are given detailed pamphlets about the procedures that were discussed so they can be reviewed at home. The cost of the treatments and budgets are taken into consideration.
Anyone of any age who cares about or is concerned with their appearance and is interested in healthy, beautiful skin is a good candidate for cosmetic procedures. The number of treatments needed depends on the problem being addressed, its severity, and which treatment is being used.
Procedures Offered by Dr. Gidon:
Photorejuvenation with intense pulsed light eliminates redness, spider veins, brown spots; it stimulates collagen and makes skin more radiant.
Fraxel laser treatments minimize acne scarring, lines and wrinkles, brown pigmentation, and stretch marks.
Thermage tightens the skin of the face, abdomen, arms and thighs.
Photodynamic therapy with Levulan and blue light helps acne, rosacea and sun damage.
UltraShape fat reduction and body contour removes stubborn pockets of fat from the abdomen, hips, flanks and thighs.
Botox injections relax dynamic wrinkles.
Fillers smooth creases and plump lips.
Sculptra adds volume to deflated areas of the face.
Benign growths such as moles can be removed.
Laser treatments remove veins and brown spots.
Unwanted hair can be removal by laser or electrolysis.
Sclerotherapy injections treat leg veins. 
 Valentine’s Day Specials
Give your loved ones the best gift of all!
10% off all Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates! Complimentary gift wrapping is available.
Call ahead and we’ll have everything ready for you. 
De-Stress After the Holidays…
The holidays are over so take the time to take care
of “you”. Try a Superfacial to exfoliate and
nourish your skin. A body Salt Glow along with
 a Seaweed Body Wrap will rejuvenate your mind
and body. Try our new “Medi Pedi” which uses
AHA’s to soften and exfoliate your feet leaving
them callous-free, hydrated and velvety smooth. 
Get that winter glow
All year, even winter, it’s important to use sunscreen especially when engaging in outdoor winter activities such as skiing. Ask about a prescription for tretinoin cream for fine lines and wrinkles. Both Vitamin C and AHA’s are great anti-aging products that will help give you that glow you’re looking for.
Our Signature Superfacials (facial plus microdermabrasion) and Superpeels (facial plus chemical peel) will smooth and soften dull complexions. Intense Pulsed Light and Fraxel will diminish age spots and give you glowing, radiant skin.

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