April 2008 eNewsletter

Concentrate on…the tummy!
UltraShape to reduce stubborn fat.
Thermage to tighten loose tummy skin.
Fraxel laser for stretch marks.
Body Contouring
Start now for summer…
UltraShape dissolves stubborn fat from the tummy, back, waist and thighs.
No more muffin-tops, love-handles or saddlebags!
Thermage tightens
Fabulous for cellulite!
What’s new?
Ask about Dr. Gidon’s Radiance Treatment to fade pigmentation.
Amy and Baby Hana are doing great.
Ask to see photos. 
Dr. Gidon’s Top 10 Tips for your Face
1. Wear sunscreen daily and minimize sun exposure.
2. Wash twice a day with prescribed skincare products to delay and reverse photoaging.
3. Have regular facials to clear impurities.
4. Exfoliate regularly with creams, chemical peels and microdermabrasion to stimulate collagen.
5. Photodynamic therapy destroys sun damaged cells and clears acne; combine it with intense pulsed light for an enhanced effect.
6. Fraxel smoothes skin, treats lines, brown spots and acne scars.
7. Thermage tightens loose, sagging skin.
8. IPL stimulates collagen and evens out red and brown spots.
9. Botox smoothes frown lines, fillers (Restylane/Juvéderm) plump creases and lips, Sculptra volumizes cheeks.
10.Visit your Dermatologist yearly to detect any abnormal growths, or sooner if you notice anything suspicious.

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